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Week of microcredit 2019

microStart has been organizing the Microcredit Week for eight years. This eighth edition focuses on the importance of businesses for the local communities and economy. It’s thanks to local entrepreneurs that a neighborhood really comes to life!


This year, like the previous ones, we are organizing various local activities throughout Belgium.

Meet professionals, share tips and tricks with other local (starting) entrepreneurs and discover what a microcredit can do for you and your neighborhood!


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Monday 18/03

  • Consultancy with our partners - 9h to 13h
    To answer to all your questions, we will be present at la Cité des métiers, Smart, Partena, Securex and Actiris Ixelles 
  • Meeting of brussels merchants - 14h30 to 16h30
    All the afternoon, you can meet the microStart teams in the streets of Brussels and ask them you questions about entrepreneurship and accompanied microcredits. The Microstart Team will be walking in our capital to meet as many people as possible. Keep your eyes open!
  • Drink of the entrepreneurs in ixelles (on invitation) - 17h
    In collaboration with Rcoop, the "Maison de l'emploie" and the commune of Ixelles, we invite all (future) entrepreneurs of the commune to come and discuss their project/activity with a drink.

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Tuesday 19/03

  • Microstart stand on square Dailly - 8h30 to 12h
    MicroStart welcomes you in a STIB bus especially designed for the occasion. Come and meet us to talk about your projects! A coffee and a praline from « La fabrique à chocolat » will be offered to you. MicroStart customers will also demonstrate their activities. 
    Where to find us? From 8:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. at the market on Place Dailly 

Wednesday 20/03

  • Workshop business model canvas (registration mandatory) - 9h to 12h30
    In partnership with BWMA, we organize a workshop open to everyone to turn your idea into a project. Have you often wondered if being an entrepreneur is something for you? If your idea is feasible to become a project. 
    This workshop is made for you, meet us at the Cité des Métiers from 9:00 A.M.

  • microStart stand on square flagey  - 13h to 16h30
    MicroStart welcomes you in a STIB bus especially designed for the occasion. Come and meet us to talk about your projects! A coffee and a praline from « La fabrique à chocolat » will be offered to you. MicroStart customers will also demonstrate their activities. 
    Where to find us? From 1:00pm to 4:30pm at Place Flagey.
  • Evening for entrepreneurs at duo for a JOB (In partnership with jobyourself and youhstart) - 18h
    An entrepreneurial evening is organized by our partner Duo For a Job. YouthStart, JobYourself and microStart will be present to inform mentors and mentees about entrepreneurship in Brussels and the structures that can support future entrepreneurs. (only on invitation via Duo for a Job).

Thursday 21/03

  • Recruitment office for future entrepreneurs  -  12h30 to 18h
    Throughout the afternoon, we will be present in the STIB stations at Gare du Midi, Belgica and Porte de Namur in search of future entrepreneurs.

Friday 22/03

  • Walk the talk - 15h to 17h30
    Come to meet our entrepreneurs ! Whether in real life or via the website, "Walk the Talk" allows you to take a tour of the people funded by microStart. Discover their history and their project!
  • Closing event - 17h30 to 21h
    We will end this week with an evening at the Salle Lavallée to which all our collaborators, volunteers, partners and clients are invited.


Monday 18/03

  • Breakfast (8.30-10h) and Coffee Bike Tour (13h) Antwerp-North - Agency of Antwerpen 
    microStart organizes an opening breakfast for her partners, customers and volunteers to celebrate the opening of the Microcredit Week. Afterwards we cycle through Antwerp North to talk about entrepreneurship with interested local residents while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Tuesday 19/03

  • microWalk through Antwerp-Centre (13-16h)
    In order to show the effect of microcredits on (starting) enterprises, microStart invites her partners to meet our customers alongside a specially mapped route in the city centre of Antwerp, including snacks and drinks.

Wednesday 20/03

  • Pop-Up Bureau in Sint-Niklaas (from 10h)
    For a day we join our partner BNP Paribas Fortis in Sint-Niklaas and we organize an information session for coaches and other interested employees of BNP.

Thursday 21/03

  • Open Office Coninckplein (from 10h)
    For once microStart transforms her office into an open-air office on the Coninckplein to explain the residents of Antwerp who we are and what we offer.

Friday 22/03

  • Start-Up Talk in Mechelen (10-16h)
    Finally, at the end of the week we organize an interesting information session about the start-up of a business for the residents of Mechelen. Afterwards there is a networking drink where the credit consultants of microStart are available to answer question.


Monday 18/03

  • POP-UP Bureau Ghent (10h -12h POP-UP Zuid & 14h-16h POP-UP Rabot)
    We are kicking off this years edition of the week of microcredit with a POP Up office in Ghent. We will strike conversations with people interested in entrepreneurship with a cup of coffee. 

Tuesday 19/03

  • POP-UP Bureau - Go-carts Tour Ostend
    This day we move in at Marcelline at FMDO in Ostend (10-13h). All interested parties with questions about entrepreneurship can come talk to us! In the afternoon (13h-17h), we go on a go-garts tour in Ostend to get acquainted with enterprising residents of Ostend. 

Wednesday 20/03

  • Walk the Talk - microStep Ghent (11h - 14h)
    To show the effect of microcredits on (starting) companies, microStart invites you to meet some of our customers.  We are going on a beautiful walking route through Ghent while we enjoy their stories, as well as snacks and drinks.

Thursday 21/03

  • Pop-Up Bureau - Entrepreneurs’ lunch Kortrijk
    Once again, we are swapping our office for an open-air office on the Veemarkt (10 -12h) to introduce the inhabitants of Kortrijk to microStart and what we can do for them. At 13h we have lunch with a micro-entrepreneur: Veemarkt 50, 8500 Kortrijk

Friday 22/03

  • Coffee-Bike • Entrepreneurs’ lunch Ghent
    We close the week with a Coffee-Bike tour (10-12h) through Ghent and a Jamaican entrepreneurs’ lunch at the Ghent office (12-14h) . The micro-entrepreneur talks about his project and interested parties get answers to questions about entrepreneurship.



Monday 18/03 - Charleroi and Liège

  • Inauguration - Co.station Charleroi - 10h to 12h
    In order to kick off the microcredit week, we are pleased to welcome the minister for the middle classes, self-employment and SMEs, Mr. denis ducarme, who will give the opening speech of our week. This is followed by a moment of debate on local trade.
  • Open door - Agency of Liège - 9h to 12h
    Come and have a cup of tea and/or coffee with a pastry to present your project to our microcredit advisors, meet us or discuss our activities. The doors of our agency are open to you.

Tuesday 19/03 - Liège

  • Animation in the neighbourhood ! 
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship – agency of Liège - from 17.30h on.
    We propose an evening on sustainable entrepreneurship in collaboration with philippe drouillon (catalyst for exponential sustainable innovations, agile and participatory organizations & just transformations).with this in mind, you will be able to rethink - in an interactive way - the economic model of your (future) company towards more sustainability, whether on a social, societal and/or environmental level in the context of a workshop.

Wednesday 20/03 - Liège

  • mS reboost – agence de Liège - 9h à 12h00
    Is your company going through a complicated phase? Come and get plenty of advice. Our experts will give you the keys to get out of the fog and smile again. The event is aimed at entrepreneurs in difficulty as well as professionals accompanying these companies.

Thursday 21/03 - Liège

  • Animation in the neighbourhood ! 

The Microcredit Week is an an initiative of

  • Adie
  • Partena Professionnel
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • AG Insurance
  • European Investment Fund

With the support of

  • Funds for goods
  • ING
  • JCDecaux
  • Securex