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Anyone can be a volunteer! 

microStart defends the idea that even without resources, network, or a degree, anyone can start their own business, if they have access to credit and personalised support.

By becoming a volunteer at microStart, you make the project of hundreds of entrepreneurs possible every year.

become a volunteer

What does a volunteer do?

  • You support micro-entrepreneurs to start or develop their business :
    You lead training, you are a listening expert, a real mentor for entrepreneurs, whom you support with their projects.
  • You participate in the associated life : 

    microStart volunteers play a key role in the governance of microStart: they are members of the board of directors and credit committees and are involved in strategic decisions at national and local level.

  • You promote microStart and entrepreneurship as a way of economic inclusion:

    As an ambassador of the association, you participate in forums, meetings and advocate for public and/or private institutions to promote entrepreneurship.

Right now, we are looking for these profiles:

Facts & Figures As of the end of 2020

  • 6.500
    jobs created
  • 5.800
    professional loans
  • € 47M
  • 91%
    repayment rate
  • 160
  • 9.000
    entrepreneurs trained

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Join our team of volunteers


Volunteer, Brussels

"When I retired, I wanted to stay active and share my knowledge and experience. microStart was the perfect solution for me."


Volunteer, Brussels

"For me, meaningful use of my free time means helping others to realize their potential. microStart has a unifying goal: to support entrepreneurs from all walks of life to develop their own business activities."


  • You can contact us via the volunteers page, specifying how you think you can support us.  We will be happy to contact you to discuss this.

  • - support microStart for at least 10 hours per month. 

    - Be a Volunteer at microStart for at least 6 months. 

    - To work at least 1 half-day per week (2 to 3 hours during the day, in the evening, or on weekends).

    - Participate in an integration process

    - Participate in the initial microStart training (1 day) 

    - Participate in meetings and gatherings (3 to 4 times a year)

  • 1. Contact microStart via the volunteers page

    2. Meet (interview) with the Agency Manager or Volunteer Coordinator

    3. Be present at an advice session (being the meeting between a microStart coach and a (future) entrepreneur to discuss his project). 

    4. Be present at a credit committee meets

    5. Follow a coach on the field 

    6. Follow the initial training (one day)

    7. Feedback session with the volunteer manager or volunteer coordinator to define and coordinate missions. 

    8. Sign of the volunteer charter

    9. Congratulations, you are a volunteer on the microStart team and your mission can begin!

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