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1 Ask for an appointment with a coach

Enjoy personalized coaching to start up, manage and develop your business. Let us help you with your commercial strategy, your financial management and your bookkeeping.

  • You want to become an entrepreneur
  • You need help to set up your financial plan
  • The steps to follow to start your enterprise

2 Follow a training

Thanks to the group trainings you can acquire knowledge about business management, accounting, marketing and sales, communication ... or develop your project from A to Z.

3 Make your business plan online

Thanks to our e-learning platform, you can draw up your financial plan in 9 steps and with the help of three examples.

Our upcoming webinars

  • Business Model Canvas : breng je onderneming in kaart aan de hand van 9 bouwstenen (NL)

    8 November 2021 l 5pm

  • Succesvol een professionele financiering aanvragen met microStart (NL)

    9 November 2021 l 10am

  • Réussir sa demande de financement professionnel avec microStart (FR)

    9 November 2021 l 11am

  • Jonglez entre business et vie privée (FR)

    9 November 2021 l 2pm

  • (AR) كيف تضمن قبول طلب قرض لدى مايكروستارت؟

    15 November 2021 l 2pm

  • Introduction au plan financier (FR)

    16 November 2021 l 2pm

  • Business Model Canevas : analyse et définition de son projet (FR)

    18 November 2021 l 11am


Join + 6.283 microStarters


Theo & Brom, Ghent

Marielle moves to Belgium with her husband in August 2018. After completing an online business training she has the idea to start a company that sells traditional Philippine chocolate.


Shahba, Brussels

Mohamed, a Syrian refugee, arrived in Belgium in 2016. Together with his father he took over a snack bar with Syrian specialities.


De Gouden Draad, Hasselt

Ibrahim and his wife had to flee their country. Once arrived in Belgium, he realised his dream: to open his own sewing workshop as he had done in Iran.


Kytoko Kytoko, Liège

Maité sells her handmade clothes in African style through her online store Kytoko Kytoko. You can also find her creations in some salons or markets.


Amarres, Huy

Thanks to microStart, Olivia was able to make her dream come true: to open her own department store. She offers organic products, short chains and a 100% zero-waste alternative.


Boutique Intuitions, Charleroi

Thanks to microStart, his business of selling formal wear is growing beyond his expectations. It has hired an employee and has just doubled its commercial surface in the centre of Charleroi.


Eclectic Store, Brussels

Hamdi, graphic designer by training, opened a clothes and accessories shop in Brussels with the help of microStart and Crédal.


Wikd, Ghent

Mousab, a Syrian refugee, founded his upcycling shop "Wikd" in Ghent. His concept? Furniture made in the latest taste with recycled materials


Gaudi Bar, Dour

Khalfi, above all an artist in carpentry and ironwork, created with his own hands his tapas bar, the "Gaudi bar". He offers cocktails as well as planchas accompanied by good wines.


Chez Nous Sawa, Brussels

Antonio was born in Angola and has been living in Belgium for 10 years. He has been able to develop his own African-style clothing and accessories shop "Chez Nous Sawa" in Brussels.


  • Yes, in addition to our loan programme, microStart offers business development services. We offer group sessions as well as individual coaching in order to ensure the proper preparation of your activity.

    Do not hesitate to make an appointment even if your professional project is not yet fully completed. However, the credit application can only bring place once you are idea is considered concrete and feasible.

  • No, it is not mandatory, but it is good if you have a concrete idea and some key figures. If you have already established a business plan of your idea, do not hesitate to bring with you to the first meeting.

  • The purchase of stock, machinery, vehicles or other equipment

    Working capital requirements and to support rental costs for the first few months

    Financing the administration costs associated with starting a business

    Meeting cash flow requirements

    Carrying out market research: test a business idea

    More information is available on our microcredits page

  • 3. Is my application likely to be accepted ?

    Your application will be presented to the credit committee. The committee will evaluate/analyze your application on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Your experience in the field / as a self-employed person
    • The feasibility of your business plan
    • Your environment and network
    • Your relationship to money and your possible debts
    • Your attitude

    The credit committees are held weekly. It is the committee members who decide whether or not to grant the credit.

  • For a credit application, we will ask you for the following documents

    From you:

    (Copy of) Identity card

    Bank card

    The document from the National Bank's Central Individual Credit Register OR the PIN code of the identity card1

    Personal and professional bank statements for the last 3 months

    Proof of income (depending on your situation: certificate of unemployment, warning from the roll, pay slips)

    Proof of domiciliation (invoice, an extract of the identity card)

    From your guarantor:

    (Copy of) identity card

    Bank card

    The document from the National Bank's Central Individual Credit Register OR the PIN code of the identity card1

    Proof of income (depending on your situation: certificate of unemployment, warning from the roll, pay slips)

    Proof of domiciliation (invoice, an extract of the identity card)


    We don't necessarily need a business plan. All you need is a concrete idea of the key figures of your business. However, if you have a financial plan, you can always bring it to the appointment.

    1 You can consult the document from the Central Credit Register on the nbb website

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