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microcredit at microStart

Professional loans from 500 - 15.000 €

We offer credit from 500 to 15.000 euros for your business. microStart wants to support every entrepreneur who needs financing. You can apply for a credit for renovations, stock, material, cash funds, guarantees (rent), a vehicule, start-up costs, the acquisition of a company, etc.

Some examples:

Test credit

€ 2 000  / 12 months


€ 100


€ 175,79

Online application 

Start credit

€ 7500 / 36 months


€ 375


€ 238,32

Online application

Grow credit

€ 15 000 / 48 months

File ­

€ 750


€ 372,92

Online application



This is our offer:

  • Credit up to € 15.000* to start up, develop or maintain your business 
  • Anticipated (faster) repayment possible without extra costs 
  • Easy procedure: Receive your credit withing 10 days
  • Acces to free business coaching possible, by experienced experts.


 Simulate your credit online


For what can I apply for a credit at microStart ?

  • Testing an idea

  • Investments in stock, vehicule, material, machines, etc.

  • Working capital, rent and the rental guarantee to get yourself started 

  • Administrative start-up costs

  • Cash Credits

> Loans without interest: If you prefere not to pay interest because of religious preferences, you can apply for a credit without interest costs. The file costs are higher for this type of credit.

> Group credit:  Loans for non profit organisations or associations. The risk of the loan is divided between several people.

Am I eligible?

microStart offers professional microcredits to anyone who wants to start a business or become self-employed or who is already an entrepreneur and needs financing to develop their business. We mainly lend to (candidates) entrepreneurs who do not have access to the usual loans offered by banks and financial institutions.

If your answer to the following 4 questions is yes, you are eligible:

  1. Will the required funding be used for a professional project?

  2. Are you already an entrepreneur or would you like to start soon?

  3. Will your activity generate an income in Belgium?

  4. You are not in collective debt settlement or you have a received an exception approval of your negotiator ?

Simon, artist and microcredit client


For more information you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions  or :

 Contact microStart

How does it work?

Are you looking to start your own small business and are looking for free financing and advice? At microStart, you will find everything you need to make your project a success.

Step 1

I apply online or a make an appointment

Step 2

I can register for a free training if needed

Step 3

My project is presented to the credit committee

Step 4

I sign my contract and the credit is disbursed

Step 5

I pay back every month

Step 6

I have access to free coaching


 I apply online                    I make an appointment

Any questions?

  • Visit our page: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!
  • For more information on our microcredit offer: Click here.




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