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  • Belinda Moulin

    Branch Manager

    Belinda Moulin

    Branch Manager

    With a degree in Population and Development Sciences, I was able to gain experience in the field of development cooperation in different organisations.
    As Koffi Anan said, "Microcredit has proven to be an effective weapon against poverty and hunger and can really improve the lot of people, especially those who need it the most".
    Working for microStart is an opportunity for me to contribute to the fight against poverty and the integration of people excluded from our society.

  • Laura Bonjean


    Laura Bonjean


    As a graduate in social and sustainable enterprise management, working at microStart was my first ideal job. 
    After living in Norway for a few months, I applied for a job at microStart, looking for a job that combines the non-profit world and entrepreneurship, that makes sense and that is in line with my values. Indeed, equity, humanity and inclusiveness are very dear to me. 
    I admire people with great ideas and the desire to undertake, and I am enthusiastic about supporting them in their projects.

  • Laura Laruelle


    My journey has allowed me to work alongside companies that share a humanistic vision of the economy, and in 2021, I became aware of social entrepreneurship. Convinced of the importance of microfinance for self-employment creation, my goal at microStart is to create a warm environment where every entrepreneur feels supported and encouraged in their projects.

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