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Storylab in Cap Innove

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  • Sarah Vandevelde

    Branch Manager

    Sarah Vandevelde

    Branch Manager

    I have a Master's degree in law and I am eager to work in a meaningful and committed profession. My studies have enabled me to integrate the values of equity and equality, from which stems the right of everyone to undertake an economic activity. I admire people who, full of ideas, dare to start their own business and I want to encourage them to do so. This is the aim of microStart and the reason why I feel at home here. My experience in voluntary work and associations has made me realise how important listening and advising are and are two things I really enjoy doing.

  • Maverick Montone


    Maverick Montone


    With a degree in hotel management, I have made the choice through my career to contribute to the satisfaction of each customer.

    With experience in the hotel sector and holding various managerial and executive positions, I was able to develop human and social principles and skills and espouse the values dear to microStart.

    Affected by the health crisis linked to COVID-19, I made the choice to give a new impetus to my career. microStart is for me an obvious choice! Indeed, having the constant desire to help and accompany, to put my human values, my team spirit and my analytical skills at the service of microStart, I will be able to make myself useful and allow each client to develop professionally and guarantee the right to economic initiative.

    These principles and values fully reflect the vision and mission of microStart. The provision of my skills to company projects, teammates and clients, the expertise of my colleagues and manager are the keys to achieving my social and human missions.

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