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  • Sophie Delcorte

    Branch Manager

    Sophie Delcorte

    Branch Manager

    A few years ago, through my circle of friends, my activities and my studies at UCLouvain in management sciences, I became aware of the social and solidarity economy. It was a revelation for me and I promised myself that I would also work for the development and recognition of an economy focused on people and social equity. 

    I am committed to making finance more accessible to all. As a counsellor, I want to enable anyone who wants to start a business project to have access to funding, but also and above all to recognition and confidence.

  • Samia Batouche

    Branch Manager

    Samia Batouche

    Branch Manager

    Working since November 2019 within microstart as a receptionist, it has forged my conviction to give everyone the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. I am delighted and excited to continue working with microStart as an advisor to help entrepreneurs realise their ambitions.

  • Jodi Walo


    Jodi Walo


    After a first experience in risk management and in several commercial positions, I realised that I wanted to continue my young career in a social impact organisation.

    Working for microStart as a microcredit advisor is an opportunity for me to help people in Brussels, regardless of their origin, to realise their dreams and ambitions by accompanying them in their entrepreneurial journey.

    This position allows me to combine my knowledge in analysis, finance and management with my social and communication skills.

  • Yannick Cissoko


    Yannick Cissoko


    Like Obelix, I fell into the pot of entrepreneurship within my family. In other words, since my earliest youth, I have been immersed in a context that has forged in me a taste for initiative, a love of work and rigour. It is with this heritage in mind that I began my first years of professional experience in the commercial field and then moved on to the banking sector. In search of ethics and meaning at work, I am very proud to have joined the MicroStart team, whose aim is to support people in the realisation of their business project.

  • Nora Karmaoui


    Nora Karmaoui


    My academic career, which included a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Development and International Cooperation in Brussels, was guided by a curiosity and a need to understand our societies, our environment and what they are made of. I then moved on to a Master's degree specialising in Microfinance. This is where my attraction for social entrepreneurship and impact finance was born.

    After various internships in the field of international cooperation and microfinance as a project evaluator, I quickly realised that what drives me is to accompany project leaders all along their path. Proximity, social contact and empowerment are sources of inspiration that I wish to find in my daily life.

    Indeed, I am convinced that giving a chance to undertake by showing empathy, listening and availability, is to work a little more towards a social and economic development. I became aware of microStart during my studies and it seemed obvious to me; we share the same human and work values and I find this balance that makes sense to me, between a social mission and an analytical technicality.

  • Axel Teichmann


    Axel Teichmann


    I started my university studies with one idea in mind: when I graduate, I will try to contribute to the common good in the best possible way.

    After various professional experiences, especially abroad, which allowed me to acquire new skills and to cultivate certain aspects of my personality, I naturally turned to microStart.

    It is therefore a real pleasure for me to be able to combine my knowledge of economics and microfinance with my attraction for human contact and entrepreneurship, and to put them to good use in order to help people bring their dreams to life.

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