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  • Aurélien Van Caloen

    Branch Manager

    Aurélien Van Caloen

    Branch Manager

    +32(0) 484 97 42 25

    After studying business administration and working as a financial auditor for one year, I decided to turn to the microfinance sector, in a desire to bring meaning to my daily work. A complementary master in microfinance combined with internships in this field convinced me to persevere in this sector, towards a job in the field. As a leader in microcredit in Belgium and with a dynamic spirit, microStart appeared to be a logical choice in my search. Since January 2018, I have been working there at the operational level in order to try to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to realise their dream.

  • Ahmad Ghali


    Ahmad Ghali


    I studied law and worked as a lawyer in Syria, specialising in company law and banking law. Driven by my passion for economics and entrepreneurship, I followed the Master in Business Economics at Ghent University. Through my work in the social sector, I became aware of people's needs and the importance for society that people can rely on each other and trust each other. microStart is not only a financial institution, it is also a gateway to social and economic participation for motivated people who do not have enough resources to achieve their dreams. Helping people is a precious goal for me, that's why I immediately got involved in this position of microcredit advisor at microStart, where solidarity, respect and equality are essential.

  • Tim Driesen


    Tim Driesen


    After completing my Master's degree in Management and Marketing, the job search was a turning point for me. I realised that I wanted to work in a company where social impact prevails but where I can also use my business knowledge to the maximum. When I first heard about MicroStart, it sounded like a great success. This is still the case today. Because I can combine my social skills with my business acumen, I try to make the most of every day to help all those who want to realise their entrepreneurial dream.

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