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  • Jochen Lenders

    Branch manager

    Jochen Lenders

    Branch manager

    Originally from an entrepreneurial family, I left Belgium to pursue my university education and start my career. My journey took me across a multitude of countries, taught me 4 additional languages and gave me the chance to work in a handful of large, corporate organisations. In my spare time, I created 2 start-ups and was fortunate to be able to contribute to sociable projects, working with young entrepreneurs, homeless people, children and athletes.

    Upon my return to Belgium, my eye fell on microStart as it combined a lot of my passions into one; entrepreneurship, finance and a social cause. I really believe in the mission and values of this company and I am delighted about the opportunity to put my skills to good use in my new environment.

  • Werner Van Dessel

    Werner Van Dessel

    Microcredit first came onto my radar after reading the book "Banker to the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh (2010). During that period, I was staying in India where I was involved in a charity project. I noticed how people were able to accomplish wonderful projects with just a little financial support. At that time, microcredit was still unknown in Belgium, and I continued to work for many years in the "traditional" conservative banking sector. Finally, I have made the move to an organization where social engagement and assistance to the economically weaker sections are central, Microstart.

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