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  • Tim Driesen

    Branch Manager

    Tim Driesen

    Branch Manager

    After completing my Master's degree in Management and Marketing, the job search was a turning point for me. I realised that I wanted to work in a company where social impact prevails but where I can also use my business knowledge to the maximum. When I first heard about MicroStart, it sounded like a great success. This is still the case today. Because I can combine my social skills with my business acumen, I try to make the most of every day to help all those who want to realise their entrepreneurial dream.

  • Gracia Nsingi


    Gracia Nsingi


    After 10 years of experience as a credit advisor in personal loan and consumer credit, I was looking for something where I will still have a lot of customer contact and be able to help them with their dreams. What attracted me a lot to microStart was that they give everyone a chance to make their dreams come true regardless of their origin or background. And because I speak 5 languages, I like being able to help clients in different languages.

  • Christ Madoyan


    Christ Madoyan


    My interest in microfinance began back in 2017 when I took the Micro & Macro Projects course at university. My enthusiasm grew because of the opportunities microfinance can offer to clients who do not have access to traditional banks. From then on, I dreamt that this could be something in which I could build my career. Unfortunately, I had to leave my country (Syria) because of the civil war. After four years in Belgium where I continued studying economics at VUB and worked as a volunteer in a church, I felt it was the right time to start my career at microStart. Here I can put both my analytical and people skills to full use.

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