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  • Hassan Abo Esmail

    Branch Manager

    Hassan Abo Esmail

    Branch Manager

    Having studied English literature, I did not really expect to change my career to microfinance.
    I started working for an NGO involved in microfinance at the First MicroFinance Institution-Syria in different positions: first as a credit advisor, then in the credit control unit, risk management and compliance department at the head office. Microfinance is a passion for me and part of my personality. It was therefore logical that I should also work in the microfinance sector in Belgium, namely at microStart. I first started as a volunteer in May 2017, and in October 2017 I was able to start working as a credit advisor.

  • Elmehdi Lagrit


    Elmehdi Lagrit


    I have been working at microStart since May 2018. I started as a receptionist with a contract as section 60. Due to some changes within the company, an opportunity as a Community Officer came up in the Ghent office. Being a true citizen of Ghent, I know the city very well and I know where the different communities are, so this job seemed like a good challenge. The position of community officer is a very stimulating and above all important position within microStart. At microStart, we focus on people with an immigrant background. These people need to be heard and helped. It is also very important to gain their trust and show them that we want to help them. For me it is a very pleasant job, because you come into contact with many different cultures and people from different backgrounds. It also broadens my knowledge as a person and I find that a very important part of my job. I learn a lot from my work but also from my clients.

  • Saman Douroudi


    Saman Douroudi


    After several years of experience in the world of real estate and banking, I had the feeling that it is not always easy for everyone to achieve their dream. Everyone has the right to give everything to reach their goal and this certainly cannot be hindered by one's background, income, social situation or education. I wanted to see myself as a link to offer added value in the search for these people. That is why I chose to work at microStart. I was strongly attracted by the vision of this financial institution.

    With respect, trust and professionalism, I do everything in my power to make the dreams of all clients come true.

  • Ahmad Ghali


    Ahmad Ghali


    I studied law and worked as a lawyer in Syria, specialising in company law and banking law. Driven by my passion for economics and entrepreneurship, I followed the Master in Business Economics at Ghent University. Through my work in the social sector, I became aware of people's needs and the importance for society that people can rely on each other and trust each other. microStart is not only a financial institution, it is also a gateway to social and economic participation for motivated people who do not have enough resources to achieve their dreams. Helping people is a precious goal for me, that's why I immediately got involved in this position of microcredit advisor at microStart, where solidarity, respect and equality are essential.

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